PowerShell Error Handling

I know what some of you are thinking when reading this BLOG – I do not need error handling, I only use PowerShell for one-line commands, or PowerShell is not a development language… Well, I am here to tell you… You actually do need it, and it is actually super easy to accomplish. There are…

Modifying Azure Cosmos Firewall IpRules with PowerShell

When deploying a Cosmos DB account to Azure, one of the security steps you definitely want to take is enabling the firewall to prevent unauthorized traffic from accessing your Cosmos resource. However, if you have spent any time in Azure, you would also understand that this can cause some issues with resources or developers accessing…

PowerShell… Variables… Store that data

Why Variables? In order to retrieve all of the processes currently running on your computer with PowerShell, you simply need to utilize the following CMDlet Get-Process This will give you the following output We could say, cool, this shows me all of the processes that are currently running, and some of their important properties. Which…

PowerShell…Work faster and smarter….not harder…

“How do I learn PowerShell?” PowerShell has yet to prove me wrong when I tell someone, “I can do that faster and more efficiently with PowerShell.” I first started with PowerShell back in my end-user administration days, and it did not take me long to understand that I could do 10x the work if I…

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